The XR2: Tech Info

21st Century Pickups for the Modern Guitar Player. The XR2 may well be the most versatile monophonic pickup ever. Active or passive configuration. Medium impedance (Mid-Z) 30kHz resonant frequency. Uniform frequency response to 20kHz. Humbucking dual rails. Can be combined in pairs for PAF “humbucker” form-factor. Low string-pull Neodymium magnets. 3.3″, 3.5″ and 4.0″ standard …

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Jinmo’s Nu-XR2 Combo

Jinmo is an artist who actively engages in expression activities in various fields such as auditory arts and visual arts, transcending the differentiation of expression forms by the five senses. Come and visit his web page here: http://www.jinmo.com/index.html Cycfi Research has developed a 10-String Nu-XR combo for Jinmo, for a special Jinmoid-Guitar to be made …

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XR2: Coming in May

Here’s something to look forward to, come May 2021.  Allow me to introduce the XR2: Active or passive configuration. Can be configured with or without the active preamplifier. Medium impedance Active resonant frequency: 30kHz Use a stomp box buffer and low capacitance cables to get the full frequency response Humbucking dual rails Tone block: Passive, …

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Ascend VPU v1.1.1

Ascend VPU v1.1.1 is released. This is still an extension of the evaluation period to March 31, 2021 and probably through April. Why the long gestation period? This will be the first of a series of plugins dedicated to the multichannel guitar. I want to be sure everything is working flawlessly. Ascend-VPU will pave the way to more Ascend plugins, all dedicated to the multichannel guitar.

Rick Toone Meets Cycfi Part 2

Here are some close-up pictures of the guitar after installing the full Nu-XR system. It was a joy installing the electronics for this guitar. This non-traditional guitar has no cavities at all. It’s just a full wide open space for the components and wiring. I think this is the easiest installation I’ve ever done. Every inch of this guitar is a RADICAL declaration.

Rick Toone Meets Cycfi

Pictures paint a thousand words. Watch this space…

Stealth radical ergonomic acoustic guitar designed by Rick Toone and Fabio Mittino. Carbon fiber, aircraft aluminum. Element™ extended range single billet machined aircraft aluminum neck. Patented Intonation Cantilever™ individual string bridges. Cycfi Research™ Nu-Multi and XR pickups.

Ascend VPU v1.0

I’m very glad to announce the availability of Ascend VPU for evaluation. Ascend VPU is an audio plugin that virtualizes the sonic characteristics of guitar pickups. Given a multichannel pickup with a wide and flat frequency response such as the Nu Multichannel pickup, it is possible to reproduce the frequency response of various pickup positions (bridge, middle, neck) without …

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