Open Source

Rethinking Open Source

An apology. I am an advocate of Open Source. But after having shared open-source projects for over 20 years now, starting with my contributions to the Boost libraries, it pains me to say that I am closing some of my source code for pragmatic concerns. The first to be closed are the technologies that are in very active development — that would be pitch detection and onset detection.

Design Docs and Github

I take pride in giving attention to the finest details, to the point of obsession. All our projects are accompanied by well presented documentation. Hey, I am hoping you are enjoying the quality of our documentation! And so I am continually updating the Nu and Nexus project pages: Nu: Nexus: Github Also, as …

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Virtual Pickups Revisited

A little background: I’ve written a series of articles before about Virtual Pickups and how they are implemented in software (DSP). It’s a three part series: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I wrote about Standing Waves, Nodes, Antinodes and Pickup Position, Comb Filters, some underlying Math and Simulation in DSP code. I also presented what I thought was a …

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Infinity Control Panel

After a few iterations using my favourite graphics tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, iDraw, and Solidworks (for anything 3D)), I think this is the minimal interface I really like. I prefer using 3D CAD software for designing GUI controls even if in the end, you won’t really see the finer details once the images are rendered to a 72dpi screen (see slider …

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Neo Base Boards

To make it easier for 7 and 8 string extended range guitar users to get started with the Neo Series Active Multichannel Pickups, you can find in this page some design files for Neo7 and Neo8 base boards. The boards include all the necessary components: the D.C. blocking capacitors and the output headers. The boards can accommodate a combination of Neo1 and Neo2 …

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The Infinity Project

We want to push the limits of what we can do with the electric guitar. The Neo project (starting from the Six pack project) is a stepping stone towards our goal. And from the very start, our goal has always been polyphonic sustain. Polyphonic sustain, plus extensive processing for each string, will give us musicians full control over the …

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The Coils

Balanced Active Pickups By and large, the current state of the electric guitar pickup design has not really changed much since the 50s. We still use Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls with unbalanced, mono outputs. The typical electric guitar is notoriously very noisy (yes, even the ones with humbuckers) yet we send the outputs …

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Open Source Hardware

I am a strong advocate of Open Source. I have authored three Open Source C++ libraries, Boost.Spirit, Boost.Fusion and Boost.Phoenix. These libraries are all peer-reviewed, under the Boost Libraries umbrella, for which I have been active since 2001. So, you give away your time and effort to develop this cool C++ code and let people …

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