Nu Series


How do you wire the Neos? The initial release of the Neo series polyphonic pickups was for DIYers, serious hackers and guitar builders. The Neo is not your typical pickup. You can’t install it just like any other pickup. It is polyphonic and requires more work to set-up properly. In Cycfi’s FB page, Steve Hodge comments: “A full system would …

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Iron Man

Meet Iron Man, one of our test guitars. You’ll immediately notice a Neo6 in the bridge position. But what is that thing in the neck position? Can anyone venture to guess? Hint: click to zoom and you’ll probably notice 6 more staggered, rectangular coils in there. If you can guess what it is, you are looking a very …

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It’s Official: Neo Series Now Available

Easter, April 20, 2014. Today marks the official public release of the Cycfi Neo Series Active Polyphonic Pickups. After a long wait, the Neos are now available! As previously noted, we will have a very limited, initial production run. All items are inspected and fully tested according to very strict specifications. The Neos are now available for sale in our online store. We …

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Here come the Neos!

The first batch of Neos… A few more tests and we’re ready to go! It is a very limited production run, as planned. But it is a good first step nevertheless. For those who expressed interest, Thank You! We’re still a long way to go, but I would be scared to carry on with the journey …

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Multi Pin Cables

Support hardware for the Neo polyphonic pickups requires a suitable cabling system for connecting the multi-channel outputs to an audio interface. In addition to carrying audio signals, it will also have to carry supply voltage and MIDI data. MIDI control is the only reasonable way to control parameters for all channels. I’ve tried using snake cables. For the …

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Transparent Pickup Covers

A friend of mine suggested having transparent pickup covers for the Neo6 pickups. I think it’s a good idea. If there’s interest, we might be able to provide these covers as an option. The coils will be encapsulated in either clear or tinted epoxy. Tell us what you think!

Neo Series Active Polyphonic Pickups

Small, Modular Active Polyphonic Pickups. Update: October 18, 2015. The original Neo pickups are now called the Nu. They will be available soon. Check the Blog for updates. More specifically: Nu Update and Road Map and Nu Update: Modular Design. The Neos are the culmination of the Six-pack project. These are active pickups with low impedance coils and individual balanced, low-power, low-noise …

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Lotsa Coils!

We got the initial batch of our custom-designed coils from Chipsen! 1300 turns (0.040mm, AWG 46) 10mH 450Ω D.C. Impedance (Max), 20Hz-20kHz flat frequency response 9mm diameter, 5mm height.

Pre-Production Prototype

Onward Hello! We’ve been busy. It’s been a while, but we are inching slowly, but surely, towards production. Let me present the Six Pack production prototype (v1.4). If you have been following this project, you will notice that this is very similar to the Six Pack version 1.1 prototype apart from a few design changes. Features: Six low …

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