Nu Capsule

The Nu Coil

Have you ever wondered what the actual coil inside the Nu capsule looks like? Here’s a close-up. There’s 1300turns, gauge 46AWG, in that miniature, bobbin-less coil. We don’t have the capability to wind those ourselves! These are custom-made for us by an inductor company. Some people ask us about buying Nu capsules without the cover. …

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The Nu Capsule

What is this Nu Capsule all about? Here’s a page, dedicated to demystifying the Nu Capsule: The Nu Capsule. If there’s anything else I might have missed in explaining everything you need to know about the Nu Capsule, feel free to send in your comments and suggestions.

Easy Nu

This is probably the easiest way to wire up a Nu system! How much simpler can it be? This one is for a custom 4-string bowed electric bass, but can of course be applied to any instrument. The two stereo output jacks can connect directly to your (analog/digital) mixer or an audio interface. The Nu capsules …

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Embracing Feedback

halldorophones  Here’s a very interesting musical instrument. A project of Halldór Úlfarsson, the halldorophone utilizes feedback to generate harmonically rich drones from six strings, with individual Nu Capsules. According to Halldór, the Nu capsules be the “official” pickups for these unique instruments. Follow this link: about (the Halldorophone) Halldorophones are purpose built electro acoustic string instrument, based …

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Design Docs and Github

I take pride in giving attention to the finest details, to the point of obsession. All our projects are accompanied by well presented documentation. Hey, I am hoping you are enjoying the quality of our documentation! And so I am continually updating the Nu and Nexus project pages: Nu: Nexus: Github Also, as …

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Here We Go!

Good day Y’all. I’m so proud to finally release the complete family of the Nu v2 along with the Nexus v2! We worked so hard on these new generation Nu and Nexus products (test, revise, rinse, repeat). I want to be very sure you will be pleased. To assure top quality, we’re intentionally not making a …

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Nu v2 Capsules

The Nu version-2 capsule is ready to go! Thicker permalloy ring for improved electromagnetic isolation, better string focus and crosstalk reduction. Bobbin-less coil to make room for the improved permalloy ring. Lower magnetic pull. Epoxy impregnated injection molded capsule. Improved preamplifier. Low noise discrete/Op Amp hybrid differential preamplifier for improved immunity to electrostatic noise. Less …

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