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Presenting Thor 2.5 Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain Multichannel output Roland GK ready Control voltage to MIDI Modular, upgradable, future proof, hacker friendly Carbon-Fiber / Hardwood hybrid Balanced weight distribution (center of mass at the 22-24th fret) 9-layer bolt-on neck, Maple / Carbon Fiber, Aluminum truss rod Resonant, semi-acoustic, Carbon-Fiber body Smooth neck-body joint, no visible …

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My masterpiece! After years of research and development, starting with the Alpha project, I think my goal is now finally within reach, and I am very pleased and very excited with this creation. Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain. Multichannel direct to DAW audio with BOSS/Roland GK-13 pin outputs via Nexus-GK. Control voltage (CV) to MIDI via Nexus-GK. …

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After the release of the BOSS SY-1000, I think it is time to finally embrace the Roland GK-13 pin as a secondary connector. In retrospect, I should have done this in the past, but I didn’t care much at the time because I disliked the connector and its inherent problems, such as sharing ground with …

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