Constructing Thor

Last month, I posted some mid-section pictures of the Carbon Fiber-Wood prototype. Now this guitar has a name, “Thor”, thanks to Bill Banks who first suggested something like “Thor’s axe”. Thor, made from various hardwoods and Carbon Fiber, is intended as a testing ground for some more innovations, esp. the Infinity project. If I get successful …

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Embracing Feedback

halldorophones  Here’s a very interesting musical instrument. A project of Halldór Úlfarsson, the halldorophone utilizes feedback to generate harmonically rich drones from six strings, with individual Nu Capsules. According to Halldór, the Nu capsules be the “official” pickups for these unique instruments. Follow this link: about (the Halldorophone) Halldorophones are purpose built electro acoustic string instrument, based …

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Beyond the Guitar

It’s amazing what creative minds can come up with. There is exciting innovation everywhere, and it is not limited to the guitar. I thought violin (and cello) builders are the most conservative. After all they’ve “perfected” the violin construction and wouldn’t care for anything more beyond that, right? Well, no… Meet Halldór Úlfarsson and his invention, …

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Computational Hexaphonic Guitar

It’s nice to see our pickups in the academe. Chengxiang Ren and Jeffrey Huang, Cornell University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, used the Cycfi Neo (now Nu) polyphonic pickups in their Master’s project. I’ll try to learn more about this project and these cool people. Their ideas are perfectly aligned with mine. In this project, we designed a computational guitar …

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Hammer Jammer

This simple, yet innovative gadget turns your guitar into something like a clavichord. Amazing idea. Sounds good too. Not bad for $30 gadget. Check it out at Big Walnut Productions.