Thor, introduced last year, is my masterpiece. Following Thor, I proudly announce Valkyrie. It shares the electronics of Thor, but avoiding the more expensive Carbon Fiber construction. It took us months to refine Valkyrie. There’s a story behind Valkyrie x001 I’d like to share later.


My masterpiece! After years of research and development, starting with the Alpha project, I think my goal is now finally within reach, and I am very pleased and very excited with this creation. Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain. Multichannel direct to DAW audio with BOSS/Roland GK-13 pin outputs via Nexus-GK. Control voltage (CV) to MIDI via Nexus-GK. …

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Another milestone… The Ascend VPU plugin, the virtual pickups software I’ve been working on, is now at v0.9. Soon, we will be in beta. By then, I’ll need to work with a few courageous souls out there to test it out, suggest patches for presets, etc. Tell me if you are interested! Alas, I’ll have …

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