How To

Meredith – Basic Nu Multichannel Setup

There’s this discussion in the Cycfi Facebook group about creating a set of videos and demonstrations on “benefits of independent string processing”. I intend to do that. To get that started, allow me to present the most basic Nu multichannel setup: Meredith —our Nu Multi Reference Guitar. I will use this guitar for experimenting and demonstrating …

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Easy Nu

This is probably the easiest way to wire up a Nu system! How much simpler can it be? This one is for a custom 4-string bowed electric bass, but can of course be applied to any instrument. The two stereo output jacks can connect directly to your (analog/digital) mixer or an audio interface. The Nu capsules …

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Changing the XR Baseplate

Do you want to swap the XR baseplate with something else? Would you like to install an XR but the standard profiles won’t fit your needs? The XR’s design makes it easy to change the baseplate. It’s meant to be easily replaceable. This quick guide shows you how →