XR Series

Oblique Quad 8s

Before we finally get these pickups released into the wild, here’s something to whet your appetite. Notice the oblique orientation of this Quad 8 string. This one is designed for an 8 string multiscale guitar with a 12 degree pickup slant. The modular pickups allow us to skew the angles such that the poles are still perfectly aligned …

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? A lot of course! I just received a cease and desist order from Fishman for the name “Neo Aura”. I realised too late that they are also using the name “Aura” with their audio signal conditioners. For the record, it is not our intention to infringe upon Fishman’s trademarks. Now I …

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Almost There

It’s been a while but we’re almost there! I always underestimate the time it takes to bring an idea from concept to prototype and then to actual production. I always thought that manufacturing comes easy as soon as you have a fully working prototype. Wrong! To be very honest, I learned the hard way that there is such an art …

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Introducing: The Cycfi XR

Hello Y’all. Since our NAMM debut in January 2015, we’ve been very busy going into limited production for the first batch of Auras. For those of you who have been eagerly waiting, thank you very much for your patience. Many of you know that we’ve been working on the Neo Aura project for quite some time now. This project turned out to be be a lot more complicated than we initially expected because it’s not just a pickup but a whole modular infrastructure!

NAMM 2015

  Hello Y’all. So, Cycfi Research will have a presence in NAMM 2015. William Banks will be our NAMMbassador :-). He will be bringing with him a prototype of the Cycfi XR HD Pickup set (pictures below). For more information, go visit the Cycfi XR page. I will be incrementally updating it with more information (technical info, sound clips, etc.). Bill will be posting …

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Cycfi XR

Update: here’s a link to the main Cycfi XR page: Cycfi XR Meet the Cycfi XR Extended Response Pickup. This is not your grandfather’s pickup! These are new generation, 21st century pickups, designed for the modern guitar player. Extended Response means full frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz and beyond. From whales to bats! These are active pickups utilising very low impedance (Lo-Z) …

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