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Nu Multi For 6 String Acoustic Guitar

(10.2 mm string spacing)

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications. These are active pickups utilizing low impedance coils, permalloy ring shields to minimize crosstalk, and an integrated differential, low-power, low-noise preamplifier for each coil. These small pickups are modular and can be used individually or in groups.

The pickups are designed for multichannel processing — one for each string (distortion, EQ, compressor, delay, pan, pitch-shift, etc). Such extensive processing is now possible due to advances in digital signal processing and the proliferation of multi-channel audio interfaces and multi-track audio software.

These modular pickups are not just for guitars. Nus are also successfully utilized in other musical instruments such as the bass guitar, cellos, harps, pianos, xylophones, etc.


Nu Multi Acoustic

Nu Multis are Nu Capsules combined in groups. The Nu Capsules sit on a 1mm PCB that can slightly flex and held stable by a piece of medium density EVA foam, known for its “rubber-like” softness and flexibility. Two screws at each end of the PCB serve as curvature adjustments. The Nu assembly connects to an adaptor board underneath a laser-cut baseplate for up to 12 channels using standard 2mm pitch headers.

We’ve already worked on a few projects using Nu on the acoustic guitar. For such purposes, it makes sense to mount the Nu near the fretboard since you typically do not aggressively bend the strings, like you do with electrics, and so there is no lateral string displacement to worry about that can compromise cross-talk. You get a more powerful and round tone up there. With multi-channel outputs, one output per string, you get to control every aspect of your sound, including pan, volume, EQ, and effects.

As a refinement, we designed this easy mounting scheme for acoustic guitars. The Nu Multi is secured with the help of two mounting plates that press against the top wood. You still have height adjustment as well as curvature adjustment. We add another extender cable since acoustic guitars typically require longer cables.

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Here’s a very refreshing video from Kevin Horrigan, “Baal T’shuvah”:

 Standard vs. Basic

The only difference between the Nu Multi Standard and Nu Multi Basic (available as options) is the inclusion of the Internal breakout (see below). The Nu Multi Basic does not include the Internal breakout.

The Nu Multi Basic by itself has all the power, signal and ground connectors available that you can use to connect to whatever audio input devices you wish to connect to. The Internal breakout that comes with the Nu Multi Standard expands the inputs to other audio sources such as other pickups and control voltages (CVs). 

Internal Breakout

The Nu Multi connects inside the guitar via a multi-pin cable to the Internal Breakout board which provides easy access to all the Nu Multi pins using standard header (2.5mm and 2mm) connectors. The small breakout board includes pins for up to 15 channels of audio inputs and up to 7 channels of control voltages. Audio inputs can come from the Nu Multi as well as other monophonic sources (e.g. standard guitar pickups). Control voltages allow by-wire control of volume, tone, patch (or just about any effect for that matter). The Internal breakout includes reverse polarity protection plus a low-noise voltage regulator for the Nu Multi, other active pickups, and auxiliary circuits.
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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3.5 cm

Standard, Basic


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