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Nexus-GK DAW Set


Available on backorder

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The DAW-Set gives you a complete setup for integrating the Nu-Multi-6 pickup with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) via a multichannel Audio Interface connected to a computer. Check out the Nexus GK document for the DAW use-case. The DAW-Set can accommodate 6, 7, 8 or more strings.

This set includes the Nexus Basic ($169.99), 12V Power Supply ($9.99), GK-MIDI Board ($104.99), 3pcs. CV Pot ($44.97), 5-Way CV Switch ($18.99), Multichannel Cable ($84.99), and 19-Pin Output Jack ($24.99).

Please take note that the Nu-multi pickup is not part of the Nexus-GK DAW Set. 
There are a couple of options to choose from for the Nu-multi pickup.  

Follow this link for a comprehensive guide: Nexus GK
Follow this link for a reference implementation example: Meredith Nu Multi reference Setup

Pre-order only. Lead-time 3-5 weeks. 

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14.8 × 4 cm

Nexus_Only, Nexus_Plus_Nu_Multi6, Nexus_Plus_Nu_Multi7, Nexus_Plus_Nu_Multi8, Nexus_Plus_Nu_Acoustic


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