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I'm sorry, but this product is now discontinued. The Nexus Basic Kit is superseded by the Nexus-GK Basic Kit.

Nexus-GK Basic Kit

The Nexus is a small, flexible, and hacker friendly breakout box that connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world using a specialized (LEMO compatible) multi-pin connector for up to 15 channels of audio and 7 channels of analog control voltages for by-wire (remote) control of volume, tone, patch or effects. Audio may come from standard mono-pickups or from the Nu multichannel pickup. Analog control voltages are converted to MIDI control messages.

Nexus is modular with 3 basic building blocks and ample space for user expansion. All input and output pins are provided for user customization. The diagram at the right shows the arrangement and signal flow of the modules:

  1. Main Board: Where all signals from the multichannel input as well as control voltages pass through, plus power regulation and conditioning.
  2. MIDI Module: Converts control voltages (CV) from the guitar to MIDI. The basic firmware supports up to 6 analog and 7 digital inputs.
  3. I/O Module: 12 input and output channels where each channel can be configured as an input or output. Typically, these are used to send multichannel audio to your effects, amp, mixer or multichannel audio interface. If you do not need all 12 channels, they can also be configured as inputs (e.g. Foot switches and Expression pedals). We use only high quality Neutrik connectors.

The Basic Kit includes the Main Board and the I/O Module inside an elegant all-aluminum enclosure. The MIDI Module is sold separately.

Note: 12 Volt power supply not included. Use a well regulated power supply suitable for audio. The Main Module includes reverse polarity protection and LC noise-filters, low-noise regulators plus capacitance multipliers to maintain noise free audio.

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