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Nu Series v2

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications.

Nexus v2

The Nexus is a small, flexible, and hacker friendly breakout box that connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world.

The Mystical Plant

The Land Breeze and the Sea Breeze were married and had a child: a giant bamboo plant. The first man, Malakas (Strong), and the first

Design Philosophy: Be Green

Accept it, civilization is damaging the planet. Some of the damage may be permanent. The future will not be good for generations to come if

Design philosophy: Break the Mold

The basic solid body electric guitar design has not changed for over fifty years now since Les Paul first slapped together two sides of an


Cycfi Alpha will be the first Cycfi guitar. It’s been two years since I started contemplating, designing, researching on the ideas behind this guitar and

Birth of Cycfi

Today, October 16, 2009, is the official birthday of Cycfi. What is Cycfi? Read about it here. Welcome to Cycfi!