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Nu Series v2

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications.


The Nexus-GK is a flexible, and hacker friendly breakout box that connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world.

Nexus Update: Basic Kit

I’ll be providing the Nexus documentation in tranches. This is the first part of the series. Eventually, all of this will¬†end up in a single

Nu Capsules Back In Stock

Nu Capsules, the world’s cutest active pickups ūüôā are back in stock. Come and visit our online store¬†and get your sets.¬†$19.99 per capsule. Minimum order

Announcing the Nexus

After more than a year of continuous refinement, I’m proud to finally release the Nexus.¬†This small, hacker friendly breakout box connects your multichannel guitar¬†to the

Nu Mixing

An often asked question about the Nu modular pickups is about mixing to mono, or even stereo. The typical assumption is that, just like any other active pickup,

Lo-Pro Nu Multi

The Standard Nu capsule already has a very low profile with a height of 7mm (See specs). But the baseplate and connectors underneath add some more

More NUs coming

More NUs coming in September. We have a new batch of these cute modular pickups. We’re producing more this time, but they typically sell out

Infinity Reloaded

Infinity… It’s all about sustain. Our¬†goal is and will¬†always be polyphonic sustain. Polyphonic sustain, plus¬†extensive processing for each string, will give us musicians full control

Beyond the Guitar

It’s amazing what¬†creative minds can come up with. There is exciting innovation everywhere, and it is not limited to the guitar. I thought violin (and

Exploring the 3-Way Toggle Hub

Here we see the first installation to feature our Toggle Switch Hub which interfaces the classic LP-style 3-way switch to our Cycfi Active Series pickups. The guitar in

Toggle Switch Hub

As those who follow our products know, we have had options for users of the classic 5-way blade switch since the release of the XR

Skewed Lefty Anyone?

We are now (officially) offering custom baseplate Laser-Cutting service. You get two custom baseplates for the minimal $15 service fee. The baseplates are precision cut based

Virtual Pickups Revisited

A little background: I’ve written a series of articles before about Virtual Pickups and how they are implemented in software (DSP). It’s a three part

The Nu Multi is Here

The Nu Multi and Internal Breakout are ready to go. Go check out the updated Nu Series Data Sheet. This will be a very limited release

Skewed Quad 8s

These guys are now on their way to Sweden along with the customized Free-Way Switch wiring harness. Should I join the fad and call this Pickup Porn? Nah,

Lovely Baseplates

Laser-cut and hand-buffed to perfection, these skewed 8-string baseplates are ready to go! When I look at a product ‚ÄĒanything at all; furniture, a gadget,

XR Customization Guide: Free-Way Switch

The Free-Way switch is an interesting device that gives Gibson¬†style guitars, with that distinctive toggle switch, the¬†versatility of the Fender Stratocaster’s 5-way switch and possibly


Look, 9-String NUs! Are you ready? Take note of the custom string spacing for the Neck and Bridge pickups. These guys will be installed in a

Meet Cadbury

Meet Cadbury, another test guitar. This one looks prettier than its old battered friend, Iron Man. Cadbury is fitted with a Quad XR at the neck, a Nu-multi

Where’s the XR Flex Set?

With the XR series launch, we are offering a $35 discount for complete XR Flex sets for SSS, SSH and HH combinations and support electronics. I had

XR Flex Series Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the XR Flex Series pickups and support electronics, introduced at NAMM 2016. The Flex Series includes an

Changing the XR Baseplate

Do you want to¬†swap the XR¬†baseplate with something else? Would you like to install an XR but the standard profiles won’t¬†fit your needs?¬†The XR’s design

XR [Flex] Installation Guide

Anticipating the upcoming release of the XR Flex system, I proudly present the XR [Flex] Installation Guide. We care passionately about flexibility and ease of

XR Soapbars

These new XRs with soapbar baseplates will join the XR family very soon. The pickups will be available in both active and passive configurations (for both

The Flex Switch and Active Volume

We have a new¬†5-way “Flex” switch and a new Active Volume Control (with integrated preamplifier). These are¬†designed for the all-passive XR¬†pickups¬†introduced at NAMM 2016.¬†The new

Introducing: The Nu Duo

At first glance, it looks just like a¬†Nu multichannel pickup set. But look underneath (info-graphic below) and you will notice the difference. It’s the Nu

Nu Capsule Now Available

Now that the hectic preparation for NAMM, and the show itself, is behind us we are excited to return our focus to the Nu product

Nu Update: Hitching a ride to NAMM 2016

Ricky Graham is truly a 21st century guitar player. As a composer and Assistant Professor of Music and Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology, modern 21st century

Road to Anaheim Pt. 3 – Crystal Clear

Going to NAMM 2016? Take some time to check out our pickups and support electronics from the inside and out. This demo XR-8 (eight string) system is

Project: Legator

It is always a treat to work on guitars that have been on the road and seen the world. In this case the guitar in

Unlatching the Connector

We use solder-free connectors¬†to make it very easy for you to install the¬†pickups and support electronics. There’s one snag though. The connector itself might not

Infinity goes FM

What do I do on Christmas eve? What else, but hack some C++ code. I got a new highly optimized sustain driver design that also acts

Road to Anaheim: Strandberg XRs

These custom Quad-coil XR7’s¬†are going to NAMM 2016. They will¬†be installed in a Boden OS7¬†from¬†Strandberg¬†Guitarworks¬†that is to be displayed at their booth (#3383, Hall-D). This

Nu Update: Meet The Nexus

Meet The Nexus. This small, hacker friendly breakout box connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world using a specialized (LEMO compatible) multi-pin connector for up to

Nu Update: The FPC Experiment

The FPC experiment is a success! This is the first time we tried to use such connectors and they are amazing! The zero insertion force connectors we chose

Chris’ Septor

“An extended range guitar of course calls for extended range pickups.” Here’s Chris Varnon’s gorgeous¬†guitar: an Agile Septor 827, 27″ scale equipped with two 8-string

Computational Hexaphonic Guitar

It’s nice to see¬†our pickups in the academe. Chengxiang Ren and Jeffrey Huang, Cornell University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, used the Cycfi Neo (now Nu)

Nu Update: Mounting the Modules

Last time, I hinted at ways to mount the pickups. Surely, a guitar builder will find a zillion ways to mount these modules. I’ve had

More XRs Coming

The XRs, especially the XR8s and XR6s, are often¬†out of stock. They¬†sell out quickly!¬†So sorry about that ūüôĀ My¬†intention is to have a steady stream

XR Basics

Cycfi XR pickups are not made with alien technology or special exotic materials to allow them to perform far beyond a normal pickup (although they

Nu Update: Modular Design

How do you mount the Nu modular pickups? You’ve seen the basic¬†Nu capsules before. Mounting these miniature¬†pickups might be tricky.¬†One way involves making a printed