Nu Capsule

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications.

Nu Multi

The Nu Multi is a complete multi-channel pickup comprised of multiple Nu Capsules in a familiar 'single-coil' form factor.


The Nexus-GK is a flexible, and hacker friendly breakout box that connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world.

News and Updates

Dual GK-13

Dual GK-13? This one is a custom project for Reto Byell’s 8-string guitar. He utilizes two Axon NGC 66 neural midi guitar controller synth along

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XR-Spectra: Passive Mode

Here’s a post about XR-Spectra’s passive mode. The XR-Spectra pickup can be configured as passive (no electronics, no batteries) by replacing the Preamp board (installed by default underneath the pickup), with the Passive board (also included).

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Ascend VPU v1.1.2

Ascend VPU v1.1.2 is released. This will probably be the last FREE version, so get it while it is still free following this link: Ascend

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Thor, introduced last year, is my masterpiece. Following Thor, I proudly announce Valkyrie. It shares the electronics of Thor, but avoiding the more expensive Carbon Fiber construction. It took us months to refine Valkyrie. There’s a story behind Valkyrie x001 I’d like to share later.

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4th of July Sale

To our friends in the USA, here’s to celebrate the 4th of July with you! ⇨ 15% discount on ALL items. Use the coupon code

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Builder Discount

I am pleased to announce that we are officially offering OEM discounts (up to 30%) to all professional guitar and other instrument builders.

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XR-Spectra: Tech Info

21st Century Pickups for the Modern Guitar Player. The XR2 may well be the most versatile monophonic pickup ever. Active or passive configuration. Medium impedance

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Right-angle Jack

In the previous Nexus production batch, we started offering this right-angle jack for the instrument-side of our Multichannel Cable. It seems to be gaining popularity,

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The Nu Coil

Have you ever wondered what the actual coil inside the Nu capsule looks like? Here’s a close-up. There’s 1300turns, gauge 46AWG, in that miniature, bobbin-less

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Nu-Nexus-GK Sets

The Nexus-GK… From the start, we only do limited production runs based on demand. This time, however, we intentionally produced a bit more, with the

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