Nu Series v2

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications.


The Nexus-GK is a flexible, and hacker friendly breakout box that connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world.

Ascend VPU

Ascend VPU is an audio plugin for modeling the sonic characteristics of electric guitar pickups. Designed for multichannel pickups with wide and flat frequency response.

Roadmap 2022

January 2022… I was looking back at the roadmap I presented in 2018. We’ve come a long way since then. Some plans were adhered to,

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Thor: Poly Fuzz

This time, we will investigate polyphonic distortion. As guitar players, we are accustomed to the sound of the distorted guitar. It is the essence of rock and roll.

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Thor: Sonic Envelopes

Here are some audio snippets demonstrating the capabilities of Thor and the Infinity system. These short audio clips provide a glimpse into the possibilities that multichannel sustain and processing allow.

This is the first of a 2-part series. Each audio sample is recorded using only the Thor Infinity guitar. There are no other instruments. No synths, no drums, no bass. There are no overdubs, although there are a few takes and comps here and there. I explain the processing involved for each audio sample.

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LED Side Markers

I posted this to Facebook and Discord. I figured, I should also post it here… The Thor prototype has rectangular LED side markers. In the

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We Are Ready!

I am a craftsman and an artist, above everything else. After more than a decade’s worth of research and development, I am delighted to announce that my masterpiece Thor — a carbon fiber and hardwood hybrid concept guitar with cutting-edge electronics and infinite multichannel sustain — is now raring to reach you. Thor is now officially available for pre-orders.

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Back In Stock

We’re slowly replenishing our inventory. So sorry that our products were unavailable for quite some time. After a long while, the Nu and Nexus are

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Jeff’s Capsules

We’ve got some bulk orders recently. This bunch ships to Jeff Snyder today. I believe he’s building spectacular instruments using these Nu Capsules. Something to

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45° Nu Multi 8

At 45°, this is by far the steepest angle I’ve ever designed for a custom Nu Multi! (Aside: Oh and, yes, I still make drawings

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Are You Ready for This?

Presenting Thor 2.5 Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain Multichannel output Roland GK ready Control voltage to MIDI Modular, upgradable, future proof, hacker friendly Carbon-Fiber / Hardwood

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XR-Spectra: Second Batch

Finally, we’re shipping the first batch of XR-Spectras. The second batch is pending production, as we wait for new circuit boards to arrive. Don’t miss

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Tone Block Redesigned

We make simple things extra spacial. Here’s the completely redesigned Tone Block. Follow the XR-Spectra reference manual for more information (check out the Tone Block

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Dual GK-13

Dual GK-13? This one is a custom project for Reto Byell’s 8-string guitar. He utilizes two Axon NGC 66 neural midi guitar controller synth along

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XR-Spectra: Passive Mode

Here’s a post about XR-Spectra’s passive mode. The XR-Spectra pickup can be configured as passive (no electronics, no batteries) by replacing the Preamp board (installed by default underneath the pickup), with the Passive board (also included).

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