XR-Spectra Production Run

The production run for October 2023 is currently underway. Preorders will be accepted from October 1st through October 7th, with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. In this production run, we will allow specific options that may eventually be standard. Follow link for more info.

XR-Spectra: Drop Test

We conducted a drop test to determine the durability of the XR-Spectra pickup. The pickup is dropped twice onto hard tiles at a height of one meter (video below). After being dropped, the pickup should continue to function normally with no degradation in sound quality.

What’s Inside: The Lo-Z XR-Spectra Coil

The Lo-Z XR-Spectra coil: 1000 Turns 250Ω DCR (for 3.3″ version) 76mH AWG38 self-bonding magnet wire 2mm Type 430 ferritic stainless steel rail 1mm printed circuit board bobbin with copper-pour shield. We use AWG38 self-bonding magnet wire (also known as bondable magnet wire). It has a thin layer of thermoplastic polyurethane adhesive, activated using 140~160°C …

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Tone Block v2

It only gets better… Available with the active XR Spectra configuration, the Tone Block is a small passive second-order (two-pole) resonant RLC filter with variable frequency and Q (resonance). It is specifically designed as a post filter for the XR Spectra pickups, giving you the freedom to change each pickup’s character on the fly. With …

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