Meredith 2023

I recently revised the Meredith document to reflect the recent updates to our Internal Breakout board. What is it? This document presents the most basic Nu multichannel setup. You can use that guide as a use-case reference on how to install and integrate a Nu Multi Pickup, along with other pickups.

Nu Drum Sensor?

This is really surprising! I never would have imagined! I originally intended the Nu pickup to be used as a per-string guitar pickup when I designed it. However, as time passed, it ended up being used in a variety of other applications, but who would have thought it could be used for drums?

Nu Cello

A brief diversion from the Manufacturing Thor series. Here are some photos of Ferdinand Liedtke’s Nu-equipped Cello. The Nu modular pickups are used in all sorts of instruments! Ferdinand says he’ll share some sound clips soon.

Price Rollback

Easter 2022. We’re rolling back prices to pre-Covid rates and beyond. An Easter gift to everyone. We’ve streamlined our operations for 2022. And by doing so, and despite the global chip shortage and supply chain delays, we were still able to significantly optimize our manufacturing costs by scaling up. We can do that, now that …

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A Thousand Coils

Here’s a rare peek into the insides of a thousand Nu Capsules in various stages of completion before epoxy encapsulation. The Nu Capsules¬†are small hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications. These are active pickups utilizing low impedance coils, permalloy ring shields to minimize crosstalk, and an integrated …

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