We’re Back on Track

We are now back on track. We received the revised boards last week. I must say that PCB manufacturing and assembly have come a long way. The turnaround time is now just about a week, including shipping time. The sustain driver amplifiers are fantastic! After fine-tuning, everything is perfect.

S@#t Happens. PHUT

The global chip shortage made it challenging to source components. We had to redesign some modules due to component unavailability. However, when a replacement chip was used, it failed immediately. Luckily, the original chip is now back in stock, allowing us to revert to the original design. The modular structure of the Infinity system simplifies the process, but requires an additional round of PCB assembly.

The E-Whammy

There’s a reason why Thor does not have a whammy bar. The plan from the start is to incorporate an electronic whammy bar, instead of the traditional mechanical vibrato. We use the term vibrato instead of tremolo. The term Tremolo is actually a misnomer. Tremolo deals with change in volume, while vibrato deals with change in …

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Thor: Sonic Envelopes

Here are some audio snippets demonstrating the capabilities of Thor and the Infinity system. These short audio clips provide a glimpse into the possibilities that multichannel sustain and processing allow.

This is the first of a 2-part series. Each audio sample is recorded using only the Thor Infinity guitar. There are no other instruments. No synths, no drums, no bass. There are no overdubs, although there are a few takes and comps here and there. I explain the processing involved for each audio sample.

We Are Ready!

I am a craftsman and an artist, above everything else. After more than a decade’s worth of research and development, I am delighted to announce that my masterpiece Thor — a carbon fiber and hardwood hybrid concept guitar with cutting-edge electronics and infinite multichannel sustain — is now raring to reach you. Thor is now officially available for pre-orders.