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On Emulation

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reflectionMy observation is that in general, guitar players are conservative when it comes to guitar sound. I think that is the reason why digital emulations of amplifiers, speaker cabs, pickups, guitars, etc., are quite popular, for example. Take the Roland VG guitar. You see emulations of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, all sorts of amplifiers and speaker cab emulations, all sorts of pickup emulations (single coil, double coil), effects emulations, even microphone emulations and placement, etc. The same can be said of all the current generation plugin effects available for computer based recordists.

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A friend asked if there can be a place on the cycfi site where people can submit articles containing idle thoughts and observations. I added a forum here sometime ago but hesitated to make it public. I don’t quite like forums. Alex Dubov suggested Google+ community instead. I like the idea. So here it is:

Cycfi Research Forum

Feel free to discuss just about anything related to acoustic, electric and electronic musical instruments, effects, DSP, synthesis, recording, etc. I hope to see you there!