Q Audio DSP Library 1.0 Beta

Creating good documentation takes time. But it’s something I enjoy doing, and so I’ve begun documenting the Q Audio DSP Library. I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along. The library is now officially labeled as 1.0 beta. I am doing this in preparation for the release of the Hz DSP library, which includes my most recent pitch and onset detection algorithms.

Are You Ready for This?

Presenting Thor 2.5 Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain Multichannel output Roland GK ready Control voltage to MIDI Modular, upgradable, future proof, hacker friendly Carbon-Fiber / Hardwood hybrid Balanced weight distribution (center of mass at the 22-24th fret) 9-layer bolt-on neck, Maple / Carbon Fiber, Aluminum truss rod Resonant, semi-acoustic, Carbon-Fiber body Smooth neck-body joint, no visible …

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