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8-String Flex Upgrade: LTD SC-208

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This LTD SC-208 began life as an entry level 8-string for those interested in dipping their toe in the “deep end”. The stock setup included passive humbuckers, a 3-way selector, master volume and tone control. By converting to a Flex Set the switching options expanded from 3 to 5, the frequency response was greatly extended, and the guitar shed some weight along the way.

The finished guitar sporting an XR-8 based Flex Set and new Hipshot® fixed bridge.

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Skewed Lefty Anyone?

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Left-Handed Quad XR Flex Pickups

We are now (officially) offering custom baseplate Laser-Cutting service. You get two custom baseplates for the minimal $15 service fee. The baseplates are precision cut based on your specifications and individually hand-buffed to perfection. Send us your specifications: and we will send you back a CAD drawing (DPF and DXF) for confirmation (see example below).

See XR Custom Baseplate Laser-Cutting Service


XR Customization Guide: Free-Way Switch

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Free-Way_Pickup_SwitchThe Free-Way switch is an interesting device that gives Gibson style guitars, with that distinctive toggle switch, the versatility of the Fender Stratocaster’s 5-way switch and possibly more. The Free-Way switch gives you 6 combinations —twice more than the standard 3-way toggle switch: “A whole new dimension in natural tone”. In this guide, we will show you how to incorporate the Free-Way switch into the XR-Flex system. For our purpose, we will implement the first diagram in the guide (HH Coil Split 2V2T). This configuration gives us this switching scheme:


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