Joel de Guzman

Inside Thor MKII

What’s inside the Thor Infinity guitar? It features the Infinity System, offering infinite multichannel sustain, with the Nu Multi pickup system for separate string outputs and multichannel audio processing, which enables a vast array of effects per string, vastly expanding creative possibilities.

Thor MKII Controls

The Thor MKII guitar features a master volume control and two MIDI controls, which generate control voltages converted to MIDI messages for external processors or DAWs via a MIDI 5-pin DIN connection. The master volume also sends Roland Synth Volume (SY-VOL) through a 13-pin DIN connector. The Thor Infinity Guitar’s Infinity system is a polyphonic sustainer, allowing all vibrating strings to sustain until muted, with a single sustain potentiometer controlling the level. Additionally, a separate volume control directly manages the optional XR-Spectra pickup, if installed.

Road Map 2024

Big Plans for 2024! The second batch of Thor infinite multichannel sustain guitars, All new Valkyrie infinity guitars, plus the Stand-alone Infinity multichannel sustain system, and more…

Thor: Finishing Touches

We’re getting ready to ship the first batch. Thor is one of a kind, and I don’t think it will ever get copied, but I figured it won’t be complete without this final touch—a little authenticity card to capture the essence of its uniqueness!

Thor: Beyond Words

The Thor Infinity Guitar’s majestic elegance is beyond words. You must experience it firsthand to fully appreciate its true magnificence. Meanwhile, the best we could do is visit a photo studio and hire a professional photographer to take some photos.

XR-Spectra Production Run

The production run for October 2023 is currently underway. Preorders will be accepted from October 1st through October 7th, with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. In this production run, we will allow specific options that may eventually be standard. Follow link for more info.

Meredith 2023

I recently revised the Meredith document to reflect the recent updates to our Internal Breakout board. What is it? This document presents the most basic Nu multichannel setup. You can use that guide as a use-case reference on how to install and integrate a Nu Multi Pickup, along with other pickups.