Joel de Guzman

We’re Back on Track

We are now back on track. We received the revised boards last week. I must say that PCB manufacturing and assembly have come a long way. The turnaround time is now just about a week, including shipping time. The sustain driver amplifiers are fantastic! After fine-tuning, everything is perfect.

S@#t Happens. PHUT

The global chip shortage made it challenging to source components. We had to redesign some modules due to component unavailability. However, when a replacement chip was used, it failed immediately. Luckily, the original chip is now back in stock, allowing us to revert to the original design. The modular structure of the Infinity system simplifies the process, but requires an additional round of PCB assembly.

Q Audio DSP Library 1.0 Beta

Creating good documentation takes time. But it’s something I enjoy doing, and so I’ve begun documenting the Q Audio DSP Library. I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along. The library is now officially labeled as 1.0 beta. I am doing this in preparation for the release of the Hz DSP library, which includes my most recent pitch and onset detection algorithms.

Manufacturing Thor: Infinity 1.1

After over a year and a half manufacturing the first batch of Thor, we are now approaching the final stage of production. Based on my best estimates, this final phase will probably take another 2 months, setting the target to around early to mid-August.

Manufacturing Thor: Perfect Frets Without Leveling

No more fret leveling and crowning with Thor Mark II! Intrigued? Keep reading… The key is precision… < p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>For those who have just tuned in, Thor is a carbon fiber-wood composite guitar with advanced electronics and infinite multichannel sustain. We start with a perfectly machined compound-radius fretboard. I posted about that process here: Manufacturing Thor: …

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Manufacturing Thor: Mark II

I owe a great deal of gratitude to the owners of the first Thor batch for their patience and support for the project. There has been radio silence since my last Thor-related post in January 2023, but this is not due to inactivity. Rather, we have been working nonstop to complete the project. In terms of instrument construction, this is the final version that I am happy with. I am calling this Thor Mark-2. It is a milestone!