Bill Banks

Exploring the 3-Way Toggle Hub

Here we see the first installation to feature our Toggle Switch Hub which interfaces the classic LP-style 3-way switch to our Cycfi Active Series pickups. The guitar in question is an Epiphone Explorer in classic amber tinted Korina (white limba). Technology has finally caught up with the Explorer’s futuristic design resulting in a perfect marriage with our XR series pickups. 

Project: Legator

It is always a treat to work on guitars that have been on the road and seen the world. In this case the guitar in question is a Legator N7-300 belonging to Legator artist Matt Szlachta. Matt is an impressive player to say the least and some forthcoming demo’s will make that abundantly clear. Matt is …

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Road to Anaheim Pt. 2 – Strandberg Boden OS7 Install

In less than a month NAMM 2016 will be bustling with the usual fervor. Every year brings something new, and for us here at Cycfi that means new opportunities to showcase our pickups. Among the new developments this year is an exciting cooperative effort between ourselves and Ola Strandberg, the mastermind behind Strandberg Guitarworks. The …

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Quad Mounts for Fanned Fret (Multi-scale) Guitars

The extended response of our XR pickups has naturally brought us to the attention of extended range guitarists, many of whom use fanned fret instruments. These instruments present a unique challenge in that the pickups should be angled to match the “projected-fret” angle in order to have the aperture respond to the same portion of …

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