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Virtual Pickups Part 3

This is the third and final instalment of the Virtual Pickups series. I changed the title from Virtual Pickup Placement to better express the actual subject which will

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Virtual Pickups Part 1

It’s Sunday. What better way to spend the day than to do some DSP hacking. Today, it will be about Virtual Pickup Placement. A well-known DSP guru remarked, “When

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Ascend VPU: Noise Reduction

A nice little secret with virtual pickups is that each virtual coil reduces random noise due to its inherent averaging effect. Comb filters have that very welcome effect! The more virtual coils you use, the better the noise reduction.

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Road Map 2024

Big Plans for 2024! The second batch of Thor infinite multichannel sustain guitars, All new Valkyrie infinity guitars, plus the Stand-alone Infinity multichannel sustain system, and more…

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The Infinity System

Presenting the Infinity System. We’ve come a long way. After many years of refinement, I think this latest iteration is ready for prime time. This is the final release-ready form.

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Thor: Sonic Envelopes

Here are some audio snippets demonstrating the capabilities of Thor and the Infinity system. These short audio clips provide a glimpse into the possibilities that multichannel sustain and processing allow.

This is the first of a 2-part series. Each audio sample is recorded using only the Thor Infinity guitar. There are no other instruments. No synths, no drums, no bass. There are no overdubs, although there are a few takes and comps here and there. I explain the processing involved for each audio sample.

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