Thor Infinity: User Review Part 1


The Thor Infinity Mark II guitar is a revolutionary instrument that features carbon fiber/hardwood composite construction and offers infinite sustain on all six strings. This unique capability, combined with multichannel audio processing, sets it apart from traditional electric guitars. This review delves into the features, capabilities, and overall playing experience of the Thor Infinity Mark II, drawing from feedback provided by early adopters.

The Thor Infinity Mark II makes a striking first impression with its sleek design, high-quality build, and innovative features. The guitar’s carbon fiber and wood composite neck and body contributes to its lightweight feel and unique aesthetic appeal. Early adopters have noted its responsiveness and comfortable neck profile, which make it a joy to play. The 9-layer carbon fiber hardwood composite neck is very stable.

The heart of the Thor Infinity Mark II is the Infinity System, which utilizes a combination of hardware and software to achieve infinite sustain with multichannel audio processing. This technology expands the sonic possibilities of the electric guitar, allowing musicians to explore new soundscapes previously unattainable with traditional instruments.

The Thor Infinity Mark II offers a broad tonal palette, as well as entirely new soundscapes made possible by the ability to form chords and multipart melodies that sustain indefinitely until released. The optional XR Spectra pickup allows seamless integration with traditional monophonic guitar amplifiers and effect chains, while the Tone Block enables emulation of various guitar pickups.


Here are some quotes from users. In part-2, we will address criticisms and areas for improvement.

“What can I say – it’s just gorgeous.”

“I find it very playable, it’s a joy really. I was happy to learn that the neck has a matte finish, very much to my liking. Also like the fret LEDs, although they could be a bit less bright, but that’s negligible.”

“Then, 6-string processing is of course a revelation. There are so many possibilities.”

“I’m not a good player, but got lost in hippie-poly-delay business :-).”

“There are so many great possibilities, and all the more with Infinity. Will try to catch some more once it is more stable.”

“Funny things also happen when you – most of the time, unintentionally – slightly touch a resonating string.”

– Karl Steinberg

“So far I’m very impressed with the guitar. I’m quite happy with the fit and finish and the setup from the factory. Though, when I have time, I will likely want to experiment with different types of strings. I play a lot of two-handed tapping stuff, and the infinite sustain adds a whole new dimension to my playing. It’s almost like I am playing an electric keyboard with both hands but with the tactile feedback of a guitar.”

– Adam Neutron

“I love the LED fret markers. When I first pulled Thor out of the gig bag I was concerned about the fret markers because of the lack of contrast – they were hard to see. I forgot they were going to light up. So plugging it in and seeing the lit up fretboard was awesome.”

“The playability of the guitar is really pretty darn good. Stainless frets were a smart choice.”

–Timothy Noonan

“I have been enjoying my Thor! Though I haven’t had as much time as I would like recently, but so life goes.”

“Thor is my first foray into hex processing. I’ve mostly been using VCV rack and have been having a lot of fun coming up with interesting sounds.”

“I love the lightweight carbon fiber. My previous guitar was a telecaster and it was quite heavy. My shoulders and back are really pleased! The carbon fiber also has a lovely resonant tone.”

“The overall style of the guitar is super cool. It looks high-tech and modern yet without looking gaudy. The black chrome with the carbon fiber is very slick, and the fret marker LEDs are a really nice touch.”

“The infinity system is amazing! Really opens up a lot of new ways to play. It’s easy to just get lost playing with a reverb and sustaining chords with one hand and doing tapped melodies on the other.”

– CJ McGregor

“My experience with Thor is currently overall positive, however, I perceived some things that I would have preferred differently (obviously this is my personal opinion).”

“I really enjoy the polyphonic sustain part, it is the most responsive and balanced that I ever tried and it is truly working on all strings simultaneously.”

– Edwin Lucchesi

“After a few minutes of playing and testing the infinity system I can tell you it is amazing! Joel you made my teenage dreams come true”!

“Sound and playability are exceptionally great. The tuning is absolutely stable.”

– Bernd Schultheis

“I got it up and running — what an incredible creation!!! But my time has been limited on it…”

“I first got it running in “mono” through the Spectra, as recommended. Wow, the Tone Block is really amazing. Works ‘as advertised’ at shaping the resonant peak shape to mimic your favorite traditional pickups.”

“The sustainer works as advertised! I am extremely familiar with Sustainers (going all the way back to the GS-500 guitar!).”

“One of the most musical features is the balanced sustain from bass strings to treble strings… allowing chords to be played far better than traditional sustainers. The lowest pitch played in a “chord” on an old sustainer design seems to suck all the energy out of the other notes. Your sustainer significantly solves this problem. Congrats!!!”

– Steve Sjuggerud

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