Thor MKII Controls

The Thor MKII features controls for master volume along with two additional MIDI controls. These are control potentiometers that do not directly control anything inside the guitar but instead generate control voltages that are converted to MIDI CC messages that are sent to control external processors, your DAW, etc., through the MIDI 5-pin DIN at the back of the Nexus-GKThe master volume also sends Roland Synth Volume (SY-VOL) via the 13-Pin, Roland compatible DIN also at the back of the Nexus-GK.

The Infinity system, central to the Thor Infinity Guitar, is a polyphonic sustainer. All vibrating strings will keep on sustaining until they are muted. A single sustain potentiometer controls the sustain level.

Finally, a dedicated volume control directly controls the optional XR-Spectra pickup, if one is installed.


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