Inside Thor MKII

The Thor Infinity guitar incorporates the Infinity System, a polyphonic sustainer that allows all vibrating strings to sustain indefinitely until physically muted. It combines a multichannel pickup and sustain drivers controlled by a microcontroller for precise control of sustain. The Infinity system is designed with a focus on natural, clean sustain across all strings. It is compact, fits the size of a PAF humbucker, and is modular for easy integration. For more detailed information, you can read more about it here: The Infinity System.

The Thor guitar features a multichannel setup, enabling discrete outputs for each string, thanks to the integration of the Nu Multi pickup system. These pickups are designed for multichannel audio processing on guitars and other stringed instruments, enabling a wide range of independent effects and enhancements—such as distortion, EQ, compression, delay, pan, pitch-shift, and more for each string. This capability opens up new dimensions in sound sculpting and performance.

The optional XR-Spectra pickup can be included to facilitate straightforward connectivity with traditional guitar amplifiers and effects. The XR Spectra is a low-impedance pickup that captures the full frequency range of a guitar string without adding coloration. Like its sibling, the Nu Multi, it offers a uniform frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This pickup allows for extensive tonal flexibility, enabling musicians to shape their sound using post-EQ. For more detailed information, please see the XR Spectra.

Additionally, the Tone Block is available to complement the XR-Spectra pickup. This compact and versatile device enhances the tonal capabilities of the XR-Spectra pickup. It is a small, second-order resonant RLC filter with variable frequency and Q (resonance), allowing users to emulate the unique tonal qualities of various guitar pickups.


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