Thor: Beyond Words

The Thor Infinity Guitar’s majestic elegance is beyond words. You must experience it firsthand to fully appreciate its true magnificence. Meanwhile, the best we could do is visit a photo studio and hire a professional photographer to take some photos. Explore the gallery below, click on an image and zoom in to view the intricate details. These are photos of the completed deliverables.

What was initially planned as a 6-month production run for 20 Thor Infinity Guitars, extended to nearly 2 years after a series of repeated delays. This is by far the most difficult project I’ve undertaken. It required a tremendous amount of dedication and pushed our capabilities to their absolute limits. It was an exceedingly ambitious project. I mean, where else in the world can you find a carbon-fiber guitar with cutting-edge electronics, including multi-channel sustain?

Now, we’re preparing to ship, and I’m totally stoked to see this project finally come to completion!

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece and bring it to the world. I want to express my deep thanks to those who supported me by signing up for the initial batch and showing remarkable patience and understanding throughout the numerous delays we encountered. You are the ones who have made this possible.

Photo Gallery

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Duncan Thorburn
1 month ago

YES, this is VERY beautiful. To have a Guitar that has each string output, to go into a DAW controlling each strings heaven, is Guitar Heaven.

Duncan Thorburn
1 month ago
Reply to  Joel de Guzman

Good Luck Joel, you deserve success, God knows the hours, days, years, previous lives, you grafted. YES, it is VERY beautiful too.

Dominik Błacha
19 days ago

I have a question about the multi-channel sustain. It is acting in the way of the Moog Guitar or the Sustainiac or the Fernandes Sustainer?

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