Meredith 2023

I am constantly working to ensure that our documentation is up-to-date, accurately reflecting the latest advancements in the electronics used in our products. As part of this commitment, I recently revised the Meredith document to reflect the recent updates to our Internal Breakout board. What is it? This document presents the most basic Nu multichannel setup. You can use that guide as a use-case reference on how to install and integrate a Nu Multi Pickup, along with other pickups. Now, the document is divided into two parts:

I invest a substantial amount of time in documentation. This task often involves the challenge of tailoring content for a diverse audience with varying levels of technical expertise. To simplify things, I operate on the assumption that our product’s target audience possesses a degree of technical proficiency that enables them to grasp the material presented. However, I recognize that my assumption may be wrong, and if you find the documentation to be overly technical or difficult to understand, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am committed to continuously improving our documentation to ensure it is as user-friendly and accessible as possible.

For example, the wiring diagram above is likely straightforward for most people to grasp. However, given my engineering background, I, personally, find schematic diagrams easier to read. Consequently, in specific sections, particularly those covering advanced topics, I adjust the intended audience to individuals with a solid understanding of electronics, assuming they can comfortably navigate technical documentation.

Tell me what you think.

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Olav Martin Kvern
Olav Martin Kvern
6 months ago

Funny! I just downloaded the PDF as a reminder while I was re-installing the Nu Multi 6 on my guitar robot–and I thought, “Hey, this looks different!”

It’s really well done. The only thing I would add is: which channel is which? What I mean is: as you look at the back of the pickup, with the connector to the left, is the left-most Nu module Channel 1, or is it Channel 6?

I realize that it doesn’t matter–it’s just that I often find myself having to take everything apart to rotate the pickup relatively often–because I forget which way it was going when I last took it out.:-)

Regarding the guitar robot–I’ve rebuilt it with more powerful, faster servos. I’ll send you an update soon.


Olav Martin Kvern

6 months ago

Nice work, Joel! What’s the status of the GitHub repositories? I can see the need for both technical and “quick start” documentation.

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