Q Audio DSP Library 1.0 Beta

Facebook reminded me of a post I made 9 years ago:

C++: Documentation does not end with Doxygen. You can’t just sprinkle some comments in your code, run it through Doxygen and call it your “documentation”! A C++ library is not just a bunch of API calls.

Creating good documentation takes time. But it’s something I enjoy doing, and so I’ve begun documenting the Q Audio DSP Library. I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along. The library is now officially labeled as 1.0 beta. I am doing this in preparation for the release of the Hz DSP library, which includes my most recent pitch and onset detection algorithms.

Take a look and tell me what you think: https://cycfi.github.io/q/q/v1.0_beta/index.html

Here’s a live sample page:

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