Cola’s Paw-some Photobombing Adventure

Preparing to drill holes for the control knobs, Cola, my spirited toy poodle, saw a golden opportunity to photobomb the scene.

This Thor Mark-2 version sports an XR-Spectra, Nu Multi combo.

Unlike the initial prototype, the control knobs, follow a more Strat-ish layout, with the volume knob closer to the strings for quick access with the pinky finger for volume swells and such, while picking. I’ll be using full-sized low-torque Bourns pots for the master volume for the smoothest action.

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Olav Kvern
Olav Kvern
11 months ago

Nice point about the location of the volume knob. When I first saw the late Tom Verlaine play, I was amazed–I had assumed that he used a volume pedal for all of the amplitude envelope effects in his playing. Nope. It was all about that pinky finger on the volume knob.

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