Manufacturing Thor: Mark II

I owe a great deal of gratitude to the owners of the first Thor batch for their patience and support for the project. There has been radio silence since my last Thor-related post in January 2023, but this is not due to inactivity. Rather, we have been working nonstop to complete the project. In terms of instrument construction, this is the final version that I am happy with.

For those who have just tuned in, Thor is a carbon fiber-wood composite guitar with advanced electronics and infinite multichannel sustain.

My primary objective was to build a final production prototype that would ensure the validity of the design, particularly in terms of durability and manufacturability, before proceeding to build the whole batch. The development process took longer than anticipated. I have to admit, there were numerous mistakes along the way—too numerous to list here. At this point, we’ve constructed two unsuccessful necks and three unsuccessful bodies. To be honest, some mistakes were rather embarrassing, such as unstabilized body wood shifting over the seasons near the thinner edges. Nevertheless, we have finally arrived at our desired outcome, which I am proud to present in the gallery below.

In terms of instrument construction, this is the final version that I am happy with. I am calling this Thor Mark II. It is a milestone!

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Scott Kissel
Scott Kissel
11 months ago

Are you accepting preorders? If yes, please describe the ordering process.

Thank you,

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