Manufacturing Thor: Cycfi Guitar Case

Thor is incredibly light due to the use of carbon fiber and semi-hollow construction. Now that we’re inching closer to completion of the first batch, it’s time to consider a suitable guitar case. I contemplated using a hard case. But after careful consideration, I believe that a large and heavy hard case would not complement the sleek and lightweight design of Thor.

For those who have just tuned in, Thor is a carbon fiber-wood composite guitar with advanced electronics and infinite multichannel sustain.

What are the options? Well, I did give a carbon fiber guitar case some serious thought. But that would require a lot of time to fully develop, so that is out of the question for now. Instead, I designed a lightweight, fully padded guitar case. I think this is a remarkable solution for instrument protection and portability. This premium custom hand-made guitar case excels in every aspect. It boasts 30 mm multi-layer foam surround padding with thermal insulation, a sturdy neck support system, plush interior, and extra thick 50 mm base reinforcement with end-pin support. 

After a full year of meticulous development, which included numerous iterations and a few unsuccessful prototypes along the way, we are proud to present the Cycfi guitar case.

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