Internal Breakout Redesign

The Internal Breakout has been redesigned. Now at version 2.6.

What is it? The Internal Breakout connects the Nu Multi pickup to the outside world. The small breakout board includes pins for 15 channels of combined audio and analog control voltages (CV) and switches (SW). Audio inputs can come from the Nu Multi pickup as well as other monophonic sources (e.g. standard guitar pickups). Control voltages and switches allow remote control of volume, tone, patch, or effects.

What's new?

  • Removed the 10V regulator. The Nu pickups can operate from 5V to 18V. The only requirement is a clean supply source. The regulator unnecessarily limits the voltage.
  • As a replacement for the 10V regulator, 200mA current limiting was added. This should safeguard the Internal Breakout against accidents such as shorting the power output to ground.
  • Added a polyfuse with a holding current of 500 mA. When excessive current flows through the circuit, the polyfuse heats up and its resistance increases, limiting the current flow and preventing damage. Once excessive current is removed, the polyfuse cools down and “resets” itself. The polyfuse effectively provides thermal limiting.
  • Added an auxiliary 5V regulator. This can be utilized for control purposes, e.g. a source for control voltages.
  • Added shunt for setting GK-VOL to 5V in the absence of a CV pot. In the previous version, if the GK-VOL CV pot is not installed, it defaults to 0V and the connected BOSS/Roland device produces no sound.
  • Added shunt before VIN to allow alternate supply from another source, such as a battery.
  • Added another shunt before the supply pin of the 3-pin connectors on channels 7 to 15 for external pickups. This enables the external pickups to be powered by a battery when the Nexus is unpowered, and to automatically switch to Nexus power when it becomes available. This is possible through the use of diodes connected to two power sources.


Schematic (click to zoom):​

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