Trey Gunn: Progressive Rock Innovator with Touch Guitars and Cycfi Pickups

I am super surprised how much I am loving the multi-pickup. This is not what I was expecting. And, to be honest, not exactly what I was planning on. In fact, it is going to make my live rig way more complicated than I like if I end up really going for it. But…it just sounds so great. I thought I would just dabble with it for recording here and there. But I am getting so many great things out of it.

Trey Gunn needs no introduction. He is a musician and composer who has made a significant contribution to the world of experimental and progressive rock music. He is best known as a member of the influential progressive rock band King Crimson, where he played the Warr Guitar, a touch-style instrument.

A truly remarkable musician and composer whose impact on the world of experimental and progressive rock music is widely recognized, Trey Gunn is known as one of the most innovative and imaginative musicians of his generation. He has a distinct musical style and an unwavering dedication to his craft, which has earned him a devoted following. Trey Gunn continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in music and remains an influential figure in the world of progressive rock.

Trey Gunn Trey is adding to his musical arsenal a custom Touch Guitars T8 with Cycfi Research pickups. He specifically requested a wider neck because he’ll be playing it on his lap like a lap steel. He requested custom-made Cycfi Research Inc. Nu Multi multichannel pickups as well as a Spectra XR with a tone block and two custom MIDI sliders.

Follow this link for build details: Touch Guitars T8

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Joseph J Esposito
Joseph J Esposito
11 months ago

Genius! I always though it was Andrian Belew I didn’t know Trey was also a member of King Crimson. Another surprise was whe I found out Greg Lake was a member also my favorite era for that band

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