XR-Spectra: Drop Test

In the latest version of XR-Spectra, we focused on durability. The design is kept as simple as possible on purpose, minimizing the number of components that could potentially break or fail. With V2, we switched from using a 1mm internal connector to a more durable 2mm internal connector. The internal connector connects the output board to the base board’s coils. The larger connector is less likely to bend or break under stress. With V2, we also separated the preamplifier from the pickup, so the pickup itself is completely passive, containing only the connectors, coils, and printed circuit boards that route the signals, thereby reducing the number of vulnerable electronic components.

We conducted a drop test to determine the durability of the XR-Spectra pickup. The pickup is dropped onto hard tiles at a height of one meter (video below)After being dropped, the pickup should continue to function normally with no degradation in sound quality.


After the fall, there was a small chip in the acrylic baseplate. We did it twice. We dropped the XR-Spectra pickup again, from the same height. The acrylic baseplate fractured as a result of the second fall. The damage was easily remedied with superglue (picture below). Most importantly, the pickup was fully functional when tested.

In the next XR-Spectra revision, we will make the baseplate replaceable.

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