XR Spectra Availability

It took us a long time, but I’m finally happy to announce that we are now manufacturing a fresh batch of XR Spectras. The XR Spectras are now available for pre-order, with an estimated 2-4 weeks lead-time.

The current version is still v2, but I am changing the naming from inch to mm, and so we will have these as standard:

XR Spectra 60 (formerly 3.3”)
XR Spectra 70 (formerly 3.5”)
XR Spectra 82 (formerly 4.0”)

This time, the number indicates the length of the rails: the effective aperture of the pickup. The XR Spectra 60, for example, is suitable for 6-string guitars, XR Spectra 70 for 7-string guitars and most 4-string bass guitars, while the XR Spectra 82 is suitable for 8-string guitars and 5-string bass guitars.

This production batch will be limited to only 50 pickups for each size.

Please follow link for more info:




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