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A brief diversion from the Manufacturing Thor series. Here are some photos of Ferdinand Liedtke’s Nu-equipped Cello. The Nu modular pickups are used in all sorts of instruments! Ferdinand says he’ll share some sound clips soon.

A slight detour from the detour: Magnetic strength follows the inverse square law with distance. The response falls off rapidly with distance. For example, if the distance between the strings and the pickup is doubled, the magnetic force will be one-quarter of its initial value. The Nu capsules are ideally placed as close as possible to the strings. If this is not possible, as is the case where the Nu pickup is placed in the neck position where the strings are practically farther away from the pickup to allow proper string movement, the gain has to be increased to optimize gain staging. At the audio-interface input, you’d want to set the input gain trims such that playing loud hits the -4dB to -1dB level (without clipping). The Nu has a noise level measured at -124 dBV for broadband noise. But this noise, accumulates as soon as you start mixing the channels. If there’s any residual noise you want to remove, I suggest a noise gate or downward expander per channel before mixing the outputs.

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José Paulo Brito
José Paulo Brito
1 year ago

Hi Joel!

I just cannot see any of the mentioned photos, despite trying a couple of browsers (and I can see previous posts’ photos and videos)…

Keep up the great work, cheers!

Last edited 1 year ago by José Paulo Brito
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