What’s Inside: The Lo-Z XR-Spectra Coil

The Lo-Z XR-Spectra coil:

  • 1000 Turns
  • 250Ω DCR (for 3.3″ version)
  • 76mH
  • AWG38 self-bonding magnet wire
  • 2mm Type 430 ferritic stainless steel rail
  • 1mm printed circuit board bobbin with copper-pour shield.

We use AWG38 self-bonding magnet wire (also known as bondable magnet wire). It has a thin layer of thermoplastic polyurethane adhesive, activated using 140~160°C hot air. The magnet wire is heated while winding, and again after winding. The result is solid and does not require any wax potting step. Here’s a cross-section of the bonded coil:



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