Thor: Constructing the Neck

Thor’s neck has 9 layers of interspersed hardwood (Maple and Wenge) and carbon fiber:

  1. Maple : 25mm
  2. Carbon Fiber : 2mm
  3. Wenge : 5mm
  4. Carbon Fiber : 2mm
  5. Maple : 10mm
  6. Carbon Fiber : 2mm
  7. Wenge : 5mm
  8. Carbon Fiber : 2mm
  9. Maple : 25mm

This neck is very stable! We don’t simply embed carbon fiber reinforcement rods, like those you can get from Stewmac. The carbon fiber runs all throughout the entire length of the neck and the headstock, and through its entire thickness, with a combined width of 8mm. The CF is laminated, together with the hardwood, using laminating epoxy.


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8 months ago

So cool, great work Joel. Only thing that came to mind was… Will the truss rod still effectively move such a rigid neck?

Last edited 8 months ago by Chaz
8 months ago
Reply to  Joel de Guzman

Im sure you tested several different CF thicknesses to get it just right 🙂

Does it sound unusually bright, given the rigidity?

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