A Thousand Coils

Here’s a rare peek into the insides of a thousand Nu Capsules in various stages of completion before epoxy encapsulation.

The Nu Capsules are small hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications. These are active pickups utilizing low impedance coils, permalloy ring shields to minimize crosstalk, and an integrated differential, low-power, low-noise preamplifier for each coil. These small pickups are modular and can be used individually or in groups.

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Olav Kvern
Olav Kvern
2 years ago

Yes, yes, YES! Bwahahaha! At last I can build my thousand-string robotic zither!:-)

More seriously: this is great. I’m about to use up some of the Nu Capsules that I have to build an electric dulcimer, so I’ll need more before too long.

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