Multi-Mono Pair

There’s a lot to say about this Nu-XR-Spectra pair than its gorgeous looks.

  1. The Nu-Multi is multichannel. If you want mono, use a mono pickup. There’s a reason why we no longer make a mixer for summing the outputs to mono. The broadband noise levels (hiss) accumulates for every channel that you add. For high gain and more than a few channels, it is essential to incorporate a noise gate or downward expander per channel to maintain a noise free signal. That is not possible with simple mixer.
  2. Often times, you simply want to plug into an amp. The Nu-Multi is very powerful, but requires a lot of external processing gear. To take full advantage of the multichannel system, you’ll need an external multichannel processor or plug all channels into an audio interface, connected to a computer, with one or more audio processing software, and finally to a full frequency response amplifier. The XR-Spectra does not require such a complex system. The XR-Spectra is plug and play.
  3. You have a humbucker at the bridge position that you want to replace with the Nu Multi. In this case, the XR-Spectra will take on the responsibilities of the humbucker, while filling in the extra space. The Nu-XR-Spectra pair has the same footprint and route as a traditional PAF-style humbucker.

The XR Spectra v2 is now available for pre-order. Follow this link to know more: XR-Spectra v2.


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