Are You Ready for This?

Presenting Thor 2.5

  • Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain
  • Multichannel output
  • Roland GK ready
  • Control voltage to MIDI
  • Modular, upgradable, future proof, hacker friendly
  • Carbon-Fiber / Hardwood hybrid
  • Balanced weight distribution (center of mass at the 22-24th fret)
  • 9-layer bolt-on neck, Maple / Carbon Fiber, Aluminum truss rod
  • Resonant, semi-acoustic, Carbon-Fiber body
  • Smooth neck-body joint, no visible screws
  • Removable, Carbon-Fiber back
  • Full, easy access to electronics, with magnetic fasteners
  • Carbon Fiber top
  • Recessed low-profile bridge
  • Carbon Fiber wrapped Ash midsection
  • LED / Fiber optic markers

Watch this space… More information coming.

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