45° Nu Multi 8

At 45°, this is by far the steepest angle I’ve ever designed for a custom Nu Multi! (Aside: Oh and, yes, I still make drawings by hand now and then! Aided by CAD, of course 🙂 )

More importantly, this non-skewed design is what I will recommend from now on. It just works well, and is aesthetically pleasing at any angle, thanks to the narrow Nu design. It looks good even in pairs! Have a look:

We tried the skewed style on this build, but encountered a significant drawback. The problem is because the Nu Multi has curvature adjustment, which allows the PCB to flex. The steep 45° angle warps the printed circuit board too much, with some amount of curvature. Looking at it perpendicular to the strings, we get this:

The problem is that, with this degree of warping, the Nu Capsules soldered on the PCB will have a highly uneven surface to sit on. This awkward twist will compromise the solder joints. The non-skewed design does not have this issue because the Nu capsules are perpendicular (90°) to the direction of the curve.

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