Price Increase and the Global Chip Shortage

This global shortage of semiconductors is hurting us! I was hoping it will end soon, but it’s getting worse. Now, we have supply problems with ALL semiconductors in our products, and I have to redesign around the problem with alternative chips, whenever possible. Or, find alternative sources.

We hit a snag last month with the recent XR-Spectra production. We got a bad batch of Op Amps we use for the preamplifier. This is one of the things I feared. Due to the global shortage of semiconductors, the Op Amps we are using were unavailable from our main sources and I had to find alternative sources.

XR Spectra Production

Unfortunately, after testing, we found out that the new source gave us defective chips. Fortunately, there were new stocks from our original source (Texas Instruments). I immediately purchased more than sufficient quantities. We had to replace all the affected SMD components from the bad batch. Not an easy task, but the alternative was to have new preamp boards manufactured by the PCB house, which would have taken another 3 weeks, excluding shipping. Crazy times!

Price Increase

Demand is outpacing supply. You might have noticed that our online store is out of stock on Nu and Nexus items since August, although the items are available on back-order with a 3-5 weeks lead-time. Hopefully, with the upcoming October production, we can keep up with your orders.

Alas, there will be a price increase by the end of October. If you are contemplating on ordering some Nu capsules, Nu Multis, or Nexus sets, I highly suggest pre-ordering now to avoid the price increase. I’ve been holding on to the price since 2018, but with the recent global price increases on almost everything, esp. semiconductors, due to the global shortage, I reluctantly have to increase the prices after the October production run.

The anticipated late October price increase will be 20% on Nu products and 10% on Nexus products. Complete Nexus sets will still have the usual 15% discount.


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