XR-Spectra: In Production

Busy! The XR-Spectra is now in production. Again, a big and special thank you to all early adopters who preordered the XR-Spectra on the first batch. If you are contemplating on ordering, now is the last chance to avail of the preorder discount (currently at OEM pricing!). See Pricing and Availability.

After a rough start, with fundamental changes to the design that happened last month (see XR-Spectra: Iteration), development went pretty much smoothly despite the logistical difficulties and supply issues, especially due to the global shortage of semiconductors. It took a while to get everything in order.

Now, we’re starting to receive the necessary parts, including the Neodymium magnets, the rails, connectors and electronic components. The bobbins, printed circuit boards, and more electronic parts are expected to arrive in the coming days.

The original target is mid-September, but there’s a chance that we might overshoot this deadline by a week or so. The first production run is always the most challenging. It’s at this stage that quality control standards for the product is established. All the components coming from a multitude of sources must all pass very strict controls. I am still a bit jittery that there may still be some unforeseen complications lurking. Well, we will see how it goes. I’ll keep you informed on the developments.


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