Fresh XR7s and XR8s

Nu-XR Combo Pair

Look what we have here… We uncovered a stash of XR7 and XR8 parts! After assembly, we found them to be working perfectly. If you are curious, but do not know what the XR pickup is all about, have a look at the original XR page: The XR Series.

The XR is the perfect pair for the Nu-Multi pickups as seen in the picture at the right.

The best pickup of all time as far as i’m concerned.
—Dylan Reznick

The double-width Quad active XR is also available. Unlike the original XR Quads, the coils are mounted in separate baseplates, so you have the option to mount these pickups straight or skewed (for multiscale guitars).

  1. The “Dual” active XR: $94.99 and $99.99 for the XR7 and XR8 respectively.
  2. The “Quad” active XRs: $144.99 and $149.99 for the XR7 and XR8 respectively.

Sorry, no XR6 🙁

These pickups are not in the online store. If you want these pickups, please send us a message.

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