Ascend VPU v1.1.2

Ascend VPU v1.1.2 is released. This will probably be the last FREE version, so get it while it is still free following this link: Ascend VPU v1.1.2.

Ascend VPU is the first part of the Ascend multichannel Audio DSP series.

Ascend VPU is an audio plugin for modeling the sonic characteristics of electric guitar pickups. Designed for multichannel pickups with wide and flat frequency response such as the Nu Multichannel pickup, or the Roland-GK divided pickup, the plugin makes it possible to reproduce the frequency response of various pickup positions (bridge, middle, neck) without actually moving the pickup. The technical details are elaborated in the five part Virtual Pickups series: Part1Part2Part3Part4 and Part5.


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