XR2: Coming in May

Here’s something to look forward to, come May 2021. 

Allow me to introduce the XR2:

  • Active or passive configuration. Can be configured with or without the active preamplifier.
  • Medium impedance
    • Active resonant frequency: 30kHz
    • Use a stomp box buffer and low capacitance cables to get the full frequency response
  • Humbucking dual rails
  • Tone block: Passive, second-order (12dB/octave) resonant RLC filter with variable frequency and Q (resonance), specifically designed as post filter, giving you the freedom to change the pickup’s character on the fly. Only available with the active configuration.
  • Low string-pull Neodymium magnets
  • Perfect combo-pair for the Nu-Multi

Nu-XR2 Combo

Perfect pair for the Nu-Multi.

XR2 Underside

Shown with Active Board.

Passive Board Option

With access to all coil taps.

Tone Block

Follow this link for more info: The Tone Block.

Tone Block Underside

Shown with connector and hefty inductor.

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